How to boil peanuts

Boiled peanuts

Why boil a peanut? Plain out yummy! Call it a "Southern thang" if you wish .... but you are the one that is missing out if you haven't tried this delicacy!
 Ok, this project is starting off out of sequence but the wife and kids have grown tired of turkey and chicken and I'm missing the peanut stands! 2005 saw me finally get the turkey fryer that I have been wanting ( more on that later). Four turkeys, one turkey breast and two chickens later, they asked for a break. But hey, I've got this terrific outfit now and I intend to use it!
 For years I have "meant" to build an outdoor "something" to use for boiling peanuts, blanching the veggies, cooking on etc... Get the heat out of the kitchen! Originally it was to be wood fired but .... now I have this puppy ;)
 An ice storm knocked power out for three days and so we moved to the camper to rough it out. Camping, at least for me and mine, brings on the desire to build fires and eat boiled peanuts ( you really need to be outside to enjoy shucking the shells to the ground and avoid an extra bowl/bag for them - just exaggerates the carefree attitude for full enjoyment).
 Many people now believe that deep frying a turkey is the only way to do such ( I am one for sure). I fear that too many people use it for only that and let it sit idle in storage. There is so much more.
 Where did the peanut stands go? Out of season .... not for the taste nor desire nor craving but for the peanuts themselves. Boiled peanut stands tend to run with the harvest of "green peanuts". A green peanut is freshly harvested and cleaned. Out of season peanuts are still available though as raw, sundried. You can make boiled peanuts from these that taste just as good as the peanut stands but it takes a heap more cooking time because of the rehydration process.
 Until the fryer, We would place these in a crock pot and let them cook overnight ... works well too but the production is small. Now I can cook 5 lbs of "dry" peanuts at a time whenever time allows.
 How much time? Here lies the secret to producing boiled peanuts .... as long as it takes to make them have the consistency that you prefer.

 Time makes them softer. The first two runs, with dry peanuts, ( don't get scared) took 14- 15 hours for them to reach my preference. As with all of my projects at MyHobbySites, this is an ongoing experimental project. The third batch is on now with a twist. I am experimenting with holding the peanuts down in the brine as well as presoaking.
boiled peanuts
What you need
40 Quart stock pot

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